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Good web development requires a blend of technology, design, and functionality. And good web developers take their client’s ideas to new levels to create sites that go beyond expectation. Dan Connaghan and do all these things and more. We recently hired Dan to redesign our web site’s look and feel, to create a learning management system (LMS) with easy functionality but sophisticated reports, and to integrate our e-commerce system with the new LMS.  And...we asked if he could do it in less than sixty days.  Dan met everyone of our goals and many more. He will continue to be our “trusted source” for future web development.

Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D., CEO, National Association for Continuing Education

After years of mishaps and dealing with less than scrupulous web companies and webmasters, I hooked up with Dan and immediately, my bad luck turned into good fortune. Dan assessed my web needs and made miraculous changes- always with honesty, integrity and consistently making deadlines. No job was too small or too tall- he could tackle everything.

I'm proud to have Dan on my team and wouldn't trade him for the world. He has always been someone I can count on to help with new programming projects, or to tweak existing content, graphics, etc.

Thank you, Dan!

Terry Matlen, ACSW

Dan made alot of promises about what he could do for me. Much of which I had heard many times before from others. Needless to say I was less than impressed with past results by others.

Just to mention a couple of things promised to me by Dan was, modifications and updates to improve my website and higher ranking on the internet. I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed. Dan has achieved all that he promised and more. He has been very dedicated and relentless in getting the job done, with regular updates to me on how things were proceeding. For once I have not been disappointed.

Way to go Dan. Keep up the good work

Leo Hintze , Parry Sound Muskoka Realty Ltd.
Sales Representative

I know a fellow named Dan
He is quite a man indeed
He knows how to take the lead
He wins the trust of others
He is honest and kind
A combination hard to find
He protects us from being hacked
His service does not lack anything
With no room for slack
Dan is mighty fine
He helps develop the essence of what people present to him
Sometimes it seems as easy for him as any whim
Dan keeps us all grateful for his consent
To work with us no matter how big or small is the gain
He makes us feel no longer so insane
We loose some of the pain
Of trying to get across
Our essence while he tries to keep down the cost
He is Dan the big brain
By Kerin Adams

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Kerin Bellak-Adams, ACC
Reach Beyond ADD